Sunday, December 19, 2010

Cesare Borgia & Jesus Christ: Why are people confused by their pictures?

By James Soyemi
Defined as an ideal Prince by Machiavelli, Cesare Borgia is a figure many people in medieval Europe looked up to. Photos of Cesare Borgia resemble those of Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is a figure many people look up to also. But the speculation many people have is, “Is the photo of Jesus Christ that of Cesare Borgia”. Many people including Machiavelli may believe Cesare Borgia is a reincarnation of Jesus Christ. Based on the way he was able to rule a nation at a young age, and the power he held made him an example of an ideal prince to Machiavelli. During Borgia’s Reign, Numerous portraits of Christ were produced and Borgia’s visage may have influenced the depictions of Christ.The image of Cesare Borgia being Jesus Christ is also exemplified in popular culture. Rapper GZA said, “Even learnt Caucasians were really the tribute of Edom, the white image, of Christ, is really Cesare Borgia”, in his song entitled “B.I.B.L.E”. In my own views I believe that Cesare Borgia may look similar to Jesus Christ, but they are not the same individuals. They may share similar characteristics but they are two different individuals from different time periods in history.


  1. Hi. The line you attributed to the GZA above is really that of Wu-Tang affiliate Killah Priest, who's song "B.I.B.L.E" was indeed featured on GZA's Liquid Swords LP.

    And he didn't mean that Cesare Borgia was Jesus. He meant that Rennaissance-era painters depicted Jesus as a white guy. Leonardo DiVinci actually worked for Borgia for a short time. But Jesus wasn't white. He was a Jew from Nazareth. So his skin tone was probably closer to Killah Priest than Cesare Borgia.

    1. Rza Clearly states "Second son of pope alexander"

  2. Edomites = White People
    Israelites = Black People ( Not Africans )

    The Bible Continually Tells The Reader How Much God Hates Edomites. In The Story Of Jacob And Esau, Jacob Was Born On Top Of Esau, But Esau Would Rule The World. Who Is Ruling the World Today ? Also, Esau Is Described To Have Been Covered With Red Hair. Only One Race Produces Red Hair And Skin. Wake Up.

  3. very well said by comment above mine. wake up Israel!!!!

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  5. Actually Israelites are Africans, they are both descendants of the sons of Noah, one of his sons was Ham(Khawm)and most of the east Africans descendants came from him like Ethiopians Cushites Nubians Egyptians, ancient somali's and canaanite's (original inhabitants of the land of Israel)

    While Abraham on the other hand is a descendant of Noah's other son Shem. and from Abraham came Ismael and Isaac and later on Jacob. He had 12 sons who later would become the twelve tribes of Israel.

    Fun fact: The Jewish people now as we know them are actually not the real Israelites. These "white" Jews are actually descendants of Japheth (Noah's third son) is seen as the father of Europe and father of the Caucasians together with Esau (Edom as Killah Priest calls him in his verse) Jacob's brother.

    Sorry for the long comment but I think that it's clear that the picture of Jesus Christ as the man we know of the pictures is indeed nothing like how the man really would have looked like.

    Levi Uhuru, OneLove

  6. People have written their opinions here on information which they have acquired from reading of the bible. Everything they have said comes out of the bible history, which is completely fictious. It is nothing more than Jewish lies, & European fairytales, which the Jews, a Isaiah tells us in "The Pleiadian Agenda" made up, after they used his channeled info to pretend the information they stole from 4th dimensional beings was true. There is not ancient Israel, or King David, & Soloman. These r all fictious characters made up by the Jewish members of the Secret Society, the Knights of the Temple of Solaman, known today as the Knights Templars, of the Illuminati. They murdered John F. Kennedy, & also did 911, via the Masad of Israel along with the U.S. Secret Government. John Lear, tells us that 4,000 Jews stayed at home, because the plans for 911 had been planned and then set into motion by the ILLUMINATI who rule the U.S.

  7. The information used to produced Christianity was created by the Hebrews, the Romans & the aliens from the planet Nibiru. They used Arius Calpernius Piso & his four sons Julius, Justine, Proclius and Alexander to write most of the false information in several books of the New Testament, & all of the Old Testament.

  8. No one name Jesus Christ ever existed. It is an invention by the reptilian humanoids of the planet Nibiru, when it landed upon Earth some 7 months after Christ Yeshuh Sananda Melchizedek was born in a cave in Ethiopia, by his Earth mother and father, who were 9th dimensional Christ Beings of the African Egyptian Pyramid School in Egypt, while his twin soul was born in the King & Queens Palace there.

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  9. Wow, this world is filled with weirdos.....